Sunday, 17 November 2013

Black Canyon at Gurney Plaza

Hi... these few weeks I was busying with my final exams and Buddhist camp things. It was a tiring week for me.. but in these few weeks.. I went to the newly open Thai Restaurant - Black Canyon that located at Gurney Plaza Ground Floor, is just besides Starbucks. So, I and my boyfie went there for our late lunch...
Actually the whole environment is just so-so and the food is OK too.. just common...but the TOMYAM is very nice, the flavour and taste are nice and will make you want to drink again and again.
So here it is... The pictures of our dishes.

Ice Lemon Tea


Thai Fish Cake

Thai Fried Rice 

Thai Seafood

After that we had a walk around the mall then we headed's a simple day for us...

Love Liz.

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