Sunday, 23 December 2012

One Day trip At Turf Club with Lovely Kids

Hello...long time didn't post my news at here d...miss you <3
This was a month ago event... I went back to my kindergarten--- Junior Scholar Kids' Garden to help my principal took care of my kids...hehe... I missed them so much!!! Their laughter really give me warmth...pure children like an angel..
We've brought them to Penang Turf Club which held a carnival for kids and exhibition. My kids were so excited as this was their first time outing and they were happy to see real horses..haha...cute right?
Some of them dressed like a cowboy...haha..their parents also very cute...
We went there by car and I helped to fetch some of my kids together...
There are a lot of visitors there and the weather was so hot..I kept on used the flyers to fan them but it was useless as they sweat like just came out from bath..haha..
We took them for a pony ride and they were so enjoyed...My cute baby, Gan Zuoey..ya.he was my favorite child..although he was a bit naughty but still very cute...
The organizer of the carnival also gave non-woven bag with a lunch box of KFC for each of us...what a good treat to the visitors...haha..
We also took a lot of pictures with the horses also the clown..all of our children were so happy...
Ben Aw Young, who was still 4 years old had volunteered himself to act in a short drama which conducted by the clown...haha...he was so brave...he had acted a cowboy's cute!!!!!
So sad..I forgot to record the video...haiz...never mind..but I still remember the scene..=D
As time goes time for us to go back to our kindergarten..although they felt tired but they still had the smile on their sweet to look them so happy... love them so much!!! <3