Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vogue For Virtue for the 1st time

Hello everyone!!! As you can see the picture above ... that's my first time participate Vogue For Virtue that organized by Queensbay Mall. Is my pictures look weird?? Ya... I know is kinda...erm....Don't know what to comment...haha

For the first time, I joined this kind of modeling event...hmmm..everyone also has their first time right? So..for this event, I even went to search for a nice top and even start to keep fit which is always fail..haha..
On that day.. I was quite nervous and shocked, because all the participants are so tall and model look...And me...er.... haha.. I also don't know how to describe..is like am I going to the right place?? 
But the way... I took it as an experience..haha..
All girls love to be shine on the stage and be confident to herself..and I'm the one who wants to be like that.

Tada!! after waiting for so long...and I finally done my makeup by MX Academy.. they all are so pro!!
I love natural makeup and that day MX Academy crew used M.A.C product to help all the participants to makeup before a small photoshoot. 
My all time supporter - Alice 
Tada.. the outcome of  the all makeup and hairdo...simple and nice... Now I realized that I also suitable with curly hair..hehe.. 
Although this year I didn't get into the semi-finals or finals.. but I will participate again next year.. hehe..

This is so call DONT EASILY GIVE UP!!


Monday, 16 June 2014

FLASHBACK * THE ALLEY * BACK here to blog.

 Hello everyone!! I'm back... it's like been "YEARS" I've been neglecting my blog due to my health problem and many things happened after I started my 1st year degree. 
Hmmm... Time flies... After the previous post.. it's like one year ago...but now..I would like to update your guys about my afternoon trip with my ladies during my study week last month..
Ok..Imma studied in a "prison" institute and I seldom have the chance to go out with my friends and family once I stepped into that institution. Hmm...I totally disagree on what they did to the future teachers like me and they are like snatching all your freedom away...am I way too ridiculous??? NO!! Because is true.. 
You have curfew until 10.30pm and you shouldn't go out from the campus until is 1.30pm, and even my private life such as your boyfriend shouldn't carry things for you to your hostel but not going inside to the hostel... everything cannot...If I said too obvious, I might be nearly going to law case.. So... I need to... 忍!

Ok...let me tell you my day with my ladies - Alice and Joanne. Ya, they are my two besties since primary school. Cool right?? Our friendship is so strong..haha..I'm proud of it. So, I brought them for a High Tea at The Flashback cafe along Lebuh Acheh and we have a short walk along Armenian street. And guess what?? I finally found the MINION POLE..hehe..I know I quite outdated..so please bear with me..hehe..

The MENU board from the FLASHBACK cafe.
FLASHBACK cafe is a place where you can spend your leisure time with your friends and family.. although the shop is small but you will feel so warm and cozy inside. 

OK...actually I've been "cheated" by the MENU as I thought ROOTBEER can be in another way of presenting the drink..but now.. I realized that A&W is always related with ROOTBEER.. Ok...three of us shared this one bottle of drink.

Yummy...I love this one... is lamb sausage with mash potato..it was finger-licking GOOD!

Simple Club Sandwich

TAda!! 3 pretty ladies... #no filter #pretty #asian muahahah...

After that.. we went for a walk along Armenian Street..  And see what I found..hehe..
Three Of US....Typical Group Selfie

Actually I took this picture and I wanted to send it to one of my friend, Ray.. "KONG KAM" in Hokkien means SO CRAZY..

There it is... Teach you speak HOKKIEN... as a Penangnites... you should know how to speak Hokkien.. if not others will look at you like..“Are you a local here?? "

Add caption

I found IT!!!! MINION!!!!

Pattern Alice 
After that.. we went to The Alley to have my first try of Churros.. Every time I saw my friend posted food on Instagram will make me have the eager want to go and try new food.. FOOD!!! hahha..

I love the artistic wall drawing in The Alley

Yammmmm SENG!!!! Plain water only...hehe

CHURROS with chocolate dip

Shy JOJO took my selfie picture
FATTY BOM BOM.. guess who am I referring to...hmmm....hehehe

That's all of my day with my ladies... Simple and Meaningful... Did you realize that all my photo is quite natural and non-edit..ya.. I like the way I took my photos. So...hehe...I will learn more technique on editing my pictures... Stay tune for more post coming up... Love ya..

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Christmas Eve and Christmas Night

Throwback: 24th December 2013

Hello guys...I'm back...I've been working at a kindergarten - Junior Scholars recently. Working is good to spend my holidays with kids... teaching them maybe very exhausting but it was fun! That's why I am in Education line for my future. This year's Christmas is kinda special and simple to me. Although I'm not a Christian but I also quite enjoy the Christmas feeling. Last few weeks, I've got a mission from my principal which was I needed to teach my 6 years old kids to sing Christmas songs because she wanted to have Christmas Caroling event. Sounds fun, but during the practices..ahh...haha...my kids really freaked me out!! The pitch is not in the right note and they lose control when comes to practice and I need to use my "BLACK FACE" to look at them... but after so many practices..I was so proud towards my kids as they could learn up the 6 Christmas songs that I taught them.. I'm so happy that I did it!! HAHA... I have the feeling of fulfillment towards my hard work.. and it paid back..

As time goes by... things changed.. our guitarist who has an urgent Christmas Eve event and he couldn't join us for Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve..It's quite a sudden news to me as we've practiced so long and now we've to find another replacement.. So at this eleventh hour, my principal managed to find her church member, Uncle Richard to help us on that day.. We've no time to have practice with Uncle Richard, so all of my kids are depending on me during the caroling. Hmmm...*sigh*

On Christmas Eve, we wore red top and jeans for our caroling. We went to our first stop where one of our kid's mother confinement centre.. they had a BBQ party and they invited us to sing Christmas songs to every mothers and staffs in the centre. And that's the first time I met Uncle Richard.. so he told me that I just start singing and he would follow my beat.. I know is kinda too late to practice with my kids.. but I was so thankful that my kids can perform well although there was a sudden change.. Love my kids so much..

Before we went to sing..I and my colleague, Carrie and his boyfriend also her future brother-in-law went to Penang Ubah Bird there to wait for my principal to arrive with another four kids as the place we were going to sing was in that area. We have total of 6 kids following us for Christmas Caroling. I took 2 of my kids followed Carrie's car due to limited space of my principal's car. We took a lot of photos at there with my 2 favourite kids that followed me.. Zuoey and Hooi Cing. They are so adorable!!!  We took candid shots and have fun with them.. In the car, Zuoey and Hooi Cing have enlightened the mood and make us happy. Kids are pure and innocent.. they will do anything that will make you feel funny and cute..haha... that's the power of being a kid.

This is my baby.. Gan Zuoey.. :D

My Ah Cing and Zuoey.

"Family Photo of Single Mother" haha... Carrie and Me with two kids.

My naughty baby XP

After singing at one of my kid's mother confinement centre, we headed off to Queensbay Mall to sing on the stage. The stage that decorated at Queensbay Mall just like a Candy Land.. so nice and full of My colleagues are nervous as they never have the experience singing on the stage and they all rely on me as I was a stage performer since I was a little kid.  Although my voice condition is not so good that day, but I need to lead my children and teachers to sing... Ah...There were so many audience down there..quite pressure.. *pray hardly* I prayed that we can do it!! When I see my kids are in excited mood...I reminded myself that I need to be calm and steady to bring out the best performance as we can.

Tada!! This is the picture before we step onto the stage... CUTE??? They are cutie bombs!!!

OK...Another one... Smile!!! :D

I love them so much..they are like my real kids...I do really care for them...They are the main reason that makes my day full of laughter... I love you all so much!! Also, I would like to Thank you my principal of Junior Scholars Kindergarten, Christine Tan who gives me lots of support and I really learned a lot of techniques in teaching from her too.. She is so kind and generous... Love her so much... And my colleague + BFF Carrie Oh.. She is so cute and very considerate person... I hope our friendship will last long till we grow old... Love you all so much...

Throwback: 25th December 2013

Its Christmas day!!! Merry Christmas!!! I know I late post for almost one month due to hectic schedule that I had for the whole December... Love my holidays so much.. I feel so contented and learned a lot of things during these holidays... So on Christmas Day, I went to a charity event as a helper for the Malaysia Buddhist Society with a bunch of my buddhist buddies. After that event, we went to have a small gathering at First Avenue to sing K.. I missed them so much and having them beside me feel so good and they are just like my real brothers and sisters... We've been so long never hanged out together..so that day is a perfect day... 

Ok...This is US!! Kinda dark..but still love to be with them... XD

Another one!! :D
Gathering with them is very warm and nice...they know you well and you don't need to put on a mask in front of them, and be yourself...That's why...I feel so contented on that day... :D Love u guys so much...muakzzzz...

After singing karaoke...they have bought tickets to watch Police Story movie but I have a date with my dear dear...so I had to leave and rush back home to take a bath and ready for my Christmas date with HIM..hehe... My dear dear is always punctual to fetch me to any of our dates and my events..hehe..yes..I'm a busy girl...many functions to attend...my surrounding friends also find that I quite hard to JIO out for gathering and etc..so paiseh la!!! >< hehe.. 

When you think of Christmas, I will think of present..so I bought a present for my dear dear when I went to KL with my family last month.. I will post up my KL trip with you guys later on... sorry for the lateness...
At first we decided to have our Christmas dinner at Blue Reef, Straits Quay because it was our first time Valentine over there before we started our love relationship. But, there was fully booked, so we decided to go Feringghi Garden to have our romantic Christmas dinner.
So this is my OOTD of the last Christmas...
This is me wearing a floral dress XD

Cute dear dear! 
I really love the environment of the restaurant..it was so fresh and comfortable..it's like sitting on your own garden with nice plants and landscapes... The whole restaurant was fully booked too and luckily that we got a table for ourselves. 

We ordered a lot of delicious and their signature dishes.. from appetizer to main course then dessert.. Let me introduce you...
This is their signature appetizer... Feringghi homemade bread with sauce... AWESOME!!!!
Mixed Loaf ( RM12.80)

I love this one!! Wagyu Tail Soup ( RM 38.80 )

This is my main course dish - Wagyu Flank ( RM 88.80 ) This dish is only for Christmas.

Dear dear's dish - Christmas Turkey ( RM 88.80 )

Chocolate Decadence ( RM 15.80 )

Our Dessert - Holiday Dessert ( RM 38.80 )

Red Wine - RM16.00 (per glass)

Seafood Cocktail - RM 24.80

We were so full with those delicious and tempting dishes. After that, we have a chit-chat about our future plans.. Studies and Work... Omo...my cutie pie is going for his internship in a few weeks more...I will miss him so much...I wonder what will I do to content my days without him.. We are almost been together for one year..but we couldn't celebrate together...TT.. I hope that he can explore more during his internship and I'll study hard and wait for him to come back... ILY dear dear...

Tada...that's all for my last Christmas... 

Signing off now.... Muakzzz<3