Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vogue For Virtue for the 1st time

Hello everyone!!! As you can see the picture above ... that's my first time participate Vogue For Virtue that organized by Queensbay Mall. Is my pictures look weird?? Ya... I know is kinda...erm....Don't know what to comment...haha

For the first time, I joined this kind of modeling event...hmmm..everyone also has their first time right? So..for this event, I even went to search for a nice top and even start to keep fit which is always fail..haha..
On that day.. I was quite nervous and shocked, because all the participants are so tall and model look...And me...er.... haha.. I also don't know how to describe..is like am I going to the right place?? 
But the way... I took it as an experience..haha..
All girls love to be shine on the stage and be confident to herself..and I'm the one who wants to be like that.

Tada!! after waiting for so long...and I finally done my makeup by MX Academy.. they all are so pro!!
I love natural makeup and that day MX Academy crew used M.A.C product to help all the participants to makeup before a small photoshoot. 
My all time supporter - Alice 
Tada.. the outcome of  the all makeup and hairdo...simple and nice... Now I realized that I also suitable with curly hair..hehe.. 
Although this year I didn't get into the semi-finals or finals.. but I will participate again next year.. hehe..

This is so call DONT EASILY GIVE UP!!


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