Monday, 16 June 2014

FLASHBACK * THE ALLEY * BACK here to blog.

 Hello everyone!! I'm back... it's like been "YEARS" I've been neglecting my blog due to my health problem and many things happened after I started my 1st year degree. 
Hmmm... Time flies... After the previous post.. it's like one year ago...but now..I would like to update your guys about my afternoon trip with my ladies during my study week last month..
Ok..Imma studied in a "prison" institute and I seldom have the chance to go out with my friends and family once I stepped into that institution. Hmm...I totally disagree on what they did to the future teachers like me and they are like snatching all your freedom I way too ridiculous??? NO!! Because is true.. 
You have curfew until 10.30pm and you shouldn't go out from the campus until is 1.30pm, and even my private life such as your boyfriend shouldn't carry things for you to your hostel but not going inside to the hostel... everything cannot...If I said too obvious, I might be nearly going to law case.. So... I need to... 忍!

Ok...let me tell you my day with my ladies - Alice and Joanne. Ya, they are my two besties since primary school. Cool right?? Our friendship is so strong..haha..I'm proud of it. So, I brought them for a High Tea at The Flashback cafe along Lebuh Acheh and we have a short walk along Armenian street. And guess what?? I finally found the MINION POLE..hehe..I know I quite please bear with me..hehe..

The MENU board from the FLASHBACK cafe.
FLASHBACK cafe is a place where you can spend your leisure time with your friends and family.. although the shop is small but you will feel so warm and cozy inside. 

OK...actually I've been "cheated" by the MENU as I thought ROOTBEER can be in another way of presenting the drink..but now.. I realized that A&W is always related with ROOTBEER.. Ok...three of us shared this one bottle of drink.

Yummy...I love this one... is lamb sausage with mash was finger-licking GOOD!

Simple Club Sandwich

TAda!! 3 pretty ladies... #no filter #pretty #asian muahahah...

After that.. we went for a walk along Armenian Street..  And see what I found..hehe..
Three Of US....Typical Group Selfie

Actually I took this picture and I wanted to send it to one of my friend, Ray.. "KONG KAM" in Hokkien means SO CRAZY..

There it is... Teach you speak HOKKIEN... as a Penangnites... you should know how to speak Hokkien.. if not others will look at you like..“Are you a local here?? "

Add caption

I found IT!!!! MINION!!!!

Pattern Alice 
After that.. we went to The Alley to have my first try of Churros.. Every time I saw my friend posted food on Instagram will make me have the eager want to go and try new food.. FOOD!!! hahha..

I love the artistic wall drawing in The Alley

Yammmmm SENG!!!! Plain water only...hehe

CHURROS with chocolate dip

Shy JOJO took my selfie picture
FATTY BOM BOM.. guess who am I referring to...hmmm....hehehe

That's all of my day with my ladies... Simple and Meaningful... Did you realize that all my photo is quite natural and non-edit..ya.. I like the way I took my photos. So...hehe...I will learn more technique on editing my pictures... Stay tune for more post coming up... Love ya..

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