Sunday, 3 November 2013

MR.PORK @ Penang, Fettes10 :D

The interior design of the MR.PORK restaurant,guess who is the animated lady on  the wall? Heehee... :)
Hello!! The 3rd day of November.. my family members are all out for wedding dinner, so my cute boyfie took me to the newly open restaurant at Fettes 10, Penang - Mr.Pork.
When I heard Mr.Pork, first came to my mind is "Are all the food over there serve pork only??" Hehe.. The restaurant famous dish is their MR.PORK Special. As you scroll down and you will see it..

Tada!! This is the MR.PORK SPECIAL (RM19.99) You should try this as this is the signature dish of the restaurant.

Mixed Grill with Black Pepper Sauce ( Got Orientated sauce, BBQ Sauce) ( RM 31.99)
The mixed grill have Fish Fillet, Lamb Chop and Chicken Chop

Escargot (RM13.99)
Very cheesy ~~
Ice Peach tea  (RM 5)

Ice Lemon Tea ( RM 5)
Their dishes are very simple and is just like the Asian western food that you can get it everywhere. But I don't think I will go back there again as their dish is so-so to me. But, don't get influence by my words, you should go and try it, maybe it suits your taste. :D  
I took some random pictures of my dear dear.. while we were ordering food and waiting for the food. He is always the one to choose food for me as I believe on his instinct on choosing special dish for me to try.. haha..
Chef Raymond is looking at the menu.. :D

This Look IS SO CUTE!! He turns around and answer me when I call him! :D CHUBBY!!

Me!! with a BLUR eyes look but smiling...haha

That's all for today... Love you guys... have a great day!! :D

Signing off....

Love Liz. <3


  1. the pork looks yummy! but looks oily tho! sinful! >.<

    1. But it taste good for the Mr.Pork Special.. the rest is not so nice... :D