Saturday, 26 October 2013

"Reality" day.. :) *smirked*

Hihi...Now I just realized that everyone has a big fake mask on their face to cover their inner true-self. Nono...haha..actually I knew it since long time ago..but this time I feel that it is very obvious and very fake...
Btw.. I hope that everyone should know what is appreciate. Appreciate what you've got and appreciate that every day you wake up, you still have the chance to breathe the fresh air... I know, we are not that rich or "famous" like YOU... but I would like to say that not only materialistic can fulfill your happiness.. only the person who made something from their own heart and these are the valuable ones to cherish forever...
Also...don't like down on is a rude attitude and low down your standard... You don't know who they are and you just judge them by its cover.. you are wrong again!! Everyone has their own limitations and they keep it low profile.. BE HUMBLE but NOT FAKE!!! People will know it as they can feel it from the way you talk and body language...Bear in mind my friends.. :) Have a Nice Day....

Nude face and New Spectacles #memore and my top is from #HutzFashion..
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Love Liz.

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