Wednesday, 30 October 2013

After Party >>> Victoria Sweet Pastry

Last Friday was a nice day for me...I went shopping with my bestie Meng Ju and Joanne to shop for Shelyn's  birthday present. Shelyn Ooi is my friend since high school and I'm glad that she became so successful in her life.  She is one of the Malaysia Hottest Bloggger. You can visit her blog Shelynated to give her support. we went to Gurney Plaza, First Avenue to have our girls shopping. I felt so happy hanging out with them... we have been so long never shopping together and that day we really have a lot of chit chat. Then I brought them to the most CHEAP vegetarian shop which located at Kuantan Road in Penang. The dishes are 3 Vegetables + 1 rice and is only cost RM2!!! You can choose any 3 vegetables that you like and all the food are tasty. RM2 for lunch and dinner are valuable cost!! The shop opens everyday.. too bad..I forgotten the time of their business hour... I will post about the shop next time :)
On that day, I had attended a rehearsal of The Oldies Song Singing Competition that organized by Kwang Hwa Yit Poh (Malaysia's local newspaper). This is the 19th years of this competition and I have participated as their backstage crew for 3 years already. And this time their final competition was held at USM (University Science Malaysia)  hall. All the Mayson Music Station members are the backstage crew as we have a good relationship with the organizer and they had contacted us to help them on the stage arrangements. I joined Mayson Music Station where I practice choir and vocal. I started singing when I was at primary school and my parents love to sing too. I can say that all my family members know to sing. Haha... :D Singing is the best thing I release my emotions and is a good way too relax yourself from pressure. Ok.. back on track.. then I brought Meng Ju there too as she was following me the whole day until we went to Shelyn's birthday party. We enjoyed listening to the participants singing oldies. The organizer has decorated the stage grandly and I hope that someday I would join their singing competition.. I love the feeling being on stage and I miss it so much!! 

Around 7.30, my boyfie came to fetch us from USM then we headed to Shelyn's birthday party.

Me and Meng Ju.. We were at the USM hall... is freezing inside there... ><
From Left: Joanne, Meng Ju, Me and Shelyn
Happy Birthday my girl... Have a blast birthday and always remember our friendship. Thank you for inviting me ya.. :D

Joanne, Meng Ju and Me
Me and Meng Ju at Shelyn's birthday party

Cute right?? Joanne!!
As you noticed, I have changed my spectacles.  IS #Memore  brand. :D

After party, Joanne, Meng Ju, me and my boyfie went to Victoria Sweet Pastry to have our dessert. The environment of the shop is nice and comfortable. The cakes looks special and make me want to have a bite for each of the cake. Haha.. I know is impossible to try all the cakes and we have ordered their special recommended cake for this Halloween month. 

Tada!! The view of the shop from outside. 

This is the Pumpkin Tart. The fillings of this tart is full of creamy pumpkin and with a small bite of the tart .. you can feel that your mouth is like exploding of the pumpkin fillings..

Baked Lemon Cheese Cake... is a little bit sour but is still taste nice..

This is their specialty. Black Forest Ice-cream Charcoal Toast. OMG!! The charcoal toast is awesome with the ice cream and the plating was nice and like a volcano has been exploded.

Mmmm,,,, YUMMY!! You need to order this and have a try!!
Its Selfie time!! haha.. HAPPY with the girls...

Meng meng and Joaane!!
Tada!!! Sit like a boss!!

Sitting on a cute couch..I love the decoration of the environment! 
This is a gift from my boyfie.. For those who have watched the Hong Kong drama  "冲上云霄” and you know what is this meant for...haha.. Love you so much!! Muakzz my dear dear!

OK... That's all from me... I had a really great night that I should off to study my final exam is on next Wedenesday!! OMO!!! I haven't finish study!! Bye.. Loadzz of love...

Liz <3

This is me!! #OOTD My top is from Hutz Fashion and shoes form H&M. 

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