Friday, 23 November 2012

Please be nice to me

Wake up early in the morning, about 9am..(again..) .. Today..I followed mummy to market..bought some cake flours and bread premixed. Yes...I was intended to make bread for the first time...I seldom do this kind of things because I am not interested...BUT...I think as a woman..I need to know how to least basic dishes..I was embarrassed to say that I just know how to fried egg, cook instant noodles and my specialty China dish -- 土豆丝..hehehe..

I would like to share this song "Please be nice to me" because this song chills me up whenever I feel depressed or sometimes confuse of my feelings... My baby Kim Hyun Joong did expressed his feelings while he was singing this song in every performance. I fell in love with him because of this song...his voice is so magnetic and uhhhhh...I don't know how to describe much...This song is full of despair and love that wants to get back...
I hope today is a good start for now is lunch to blog again later....^^

"You've changed to much......You and I both know too well.... Do not deceive me..Cause I know your everything...."

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