Monday, 23 September 2013

Love Bites and The Twelve Cups - Gathering and Sharing

TGIF!  Is good that today I finally got the chance to go out with my girls who studying at Form 6 at my former school - Penang Chinese Girls' High School. They are Yee Ning and Wen Yuan, both of them are my crazy friends during my high school years... although we knew each other for almost 3 years.. but the bonding between us are still there. They are K-POP fans, they know everything about the Korean singers and their news.. just like a paparazzi. After my class, my special person has come to fetch me and Meng Ju is there to accompany me for the whole day... Whee~~ Meng Ju ( Alice) she was in her semester break, so we often went out together too...
So after I got back home, I had a quick bath then I am off to fetch them.. I was late that time as we wanted to meet at 1.30pm but due to traffic jam, I reached there around 1.45pm. 

Then, we headed to our destination - Love Bites to have our lunch. 
Love Bite is a very nice place for couples and you can have set lunch with acceptable price.
We laugh. We talk. We share. Miss those times together during high school... I hope I have more time gathering with them... :D

That day we also celebrated Wen Yuan's belated birthday, so I, Yee Ning and Alice have treated her the lunch.

The food is nice and unique platter. The drinks is cool and nice. You just add on RM7.90 to have your set lunch and you could choose any main courses from the menu. I think this is more valuable to eat set lunch. 

First... you will have your mushroom soup with a cute heart shaped toasted bread (p.s. it taste like biscuit and is crispy) You should dip the toasted bread into the mushroom soup and you will find it special and delicious.

The upper one is coffee ( I forgot the name) , the below one is Ice Peach Tea which ordered by me and the taste is cozy and nice.

 There are having a promotion of SUPERSIZE to celebrate their first year anniversary and this is one of the dish - Twins Jumbo Chicken Sausage with House side dish and Sesame BBQ sauce. Our belated birthday girl has ordered this dish and it cost RM9.90 nett

This is also one of the SUPERSIZE dish that ordered by me - XXL Chicken Cutlet with House side dish and chicken gravy , RM9.90 nett

After having our main course, we have a nice platted dessert - Chocolate brownie and cream with a small biscuit on top.

We are very full and contented after our nice lunch together. Then we took some pictures before we headed to another place - The Twelve Cups

To be continued......

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