Monday, 26 November 2012

Blissful Wedding ~

AH~~~LET ME SLEEP MORE PLEASE!!!!! is the actual day for Saw Im jie jie and Hai Wei kor kor's wedding....Both of them are like my brother and sister..they have dated each other for almost 10 years..seems like husband and wife d..but now they are officially husband and wife!!! WHEEE~~~SO HAPPY!!! They are a cute couple...they know each other very well...when they communicate with each other they can fooling around and bickering cute!!! Hai Wei kor kor is the funniest one..haha...everytime he talks can make people laugh till stomach ache..haha..Saw Im jiejie too..she is very cute...kinda nervous freak normal..everyone's special day is always nervous..and this time is her whole life once wedding....of course nervous!!! haha...Yesterday, they held their wedding dinner..and we had a lot of fun.. Saw Im jiejie appointed me to give wedding sweets to their guests...Their wedding dinner decoration was very grand...of course our bride and bridegroom are so perfect that day...<3
Hai Wei kor kor and Saw Im jiejie walked through the aisle hand in hand and Hai Wei kor kor took the lead to sing "Love Changes Everything"...wah!!what a good idea he had! haha....They also sang a duet on the second march in....although Saw Im jie jie has a sore throat, but she sang quite well...give a big round applause to our beautiful bride!! haha....The wedding dinner ended quite rushed, because they needed to go back to their respective home to pray to their a Chinese tradition...We took a lot of pictures that night...I was waiting for my uncle to post it up on Facebook...hehehe...
When I reached home and was almost 12.30am...I cleaned up myself and set alarm for 5am because I need to go to the bridal store and followed Saw Im jiejie's car to go to her house..aishh...then off to bed..
Mummy woke me up today..hehe..because I didn't heard my alarm rings...hehe..I told myself..still got time....hehe..I faster rushed in to the toilet..took a quick bath...settled my touch up then off to bridal store..
This was my first time wake up so early to attend wedding was a good experience and I learned a lot during the preparation of their wedding..
When I reached the bridal store is only 6.30am and the bride and bride's maid haven't finished make I waited for them...So sleepy...she told me she woke up at 4.30am...wah...want to do a beautiful bride is not easy...want to prepare things somemore need to sacrifice her beauty sleep...I really admired her..
Ok...before we went back to Saw Im jiejie's house..we bought breakfast --- Fried Beehoon and Char Seow Pau..Almost 7.30am when we reached there...then we faster rushed up to her sister's condo then make up ourselves and helped her to wear her wedding pretty man!!!!<3
We played the whole day in the hot weather...fortunately the weather was we could play games and finished our mission..hahaha....I would like to share some photos here...two days of their wedding..
At last, I would like to wish them have a happy married life and love each other everyday...oh ya!!! Faster make babies!!!!Haha...I know you Hai Wei kor kor...GAMBATEH!! FIGHTHING!! hahaha....

 My mummy at the entrance of the wedding dinner place.......New one piece dress-pants..
  Me and Mummy <3 Look alike?

 Three pretty girls.....<3 Bride maids...

 Liz and Eunice hehe...distributing the sweets to guests at the main entrance..

 What a coincidence!! Suzes Cheong...High school friend...Hai Wei kor kor's relatives...

 Three pretty Mayson girls....Anna, Liz and Xue Zhen

 Liz and Sheue Fei jiejie...<3 Cute!!!

 Another one...*biunk biunk*!! <3

 Cute Tanya....<3

 Lovely Jiejies....<3 

 Another one.....<3

 Anna <3!

 Funny #1

 Funny #2

 Ladies <3

 Sexay <3 

 Liz and Lean Hong jiejie <3

 Uncle Chan and his fiance <3

 Mummy and Aunty Annie

 At bridal store....make up.. (Crystal Bride)

 Beautiful Saw Im jiejie..

 Bride maid ~ Yee Tyng jiejie!! <3


 Tada!!! I AM DONE!! ~Yee Tyng jiejie.... *sleepy*

 5 Mercedes in a line..woohoo!!! hahah...<3 

 Beautiful Sheue Fei and Lean Hong jiejies.....

 Here comes the bride... Saw Im jie jie!!

 Love this picture <3

 My tired face...but still smiling..<3

What a blissful wedding <3

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